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Jewelry blog: Watermelon Tourmaline stone jewelry

Let's talk about the colourful Tourmaline stones

In this blog article we are focussing on the Tourmaline stone. They are an alternative birthstone for October, together with the Opal stone, and traditionally a 8th wedding anniversary gift. Learn more about this fascinating natural stone, including Tourmaline meanings and properties.
Lapis Lazuli stone: Semi precious stone jewellery blog

The fascinating deep blue natural stone: Lapis Lazuli

Learn more about Lapis Lazuli stone! This ultramarine deep blue semi precious stone has fascinated different civilizations for centuries and it is still one of the most sought after natural stones in the jewellery industry for its beauty, gemstone meanings and healing properties. This blue gemstone is also considered a birthstone for September, together with Sapphire, in modern lists.
Peridot jewelry blog

Our favourite gemstone list: learn about Peridot stone

Learn about the fabulous Peridot stone. Considered the birthstone for August for centuries, this green stone has fascinated royalty. Find out Peridot meaning, healing properties and general interesting facts about this beautiful and sparkly semi-precious gemstone.
Semi precious stones properties: Carnelian stone

Semi precious stones properties: Carnelian stone

In this article we focused on the Carnelian gemstone. It is a birthstone for July together with Rubies, although considered a more affordable (yet gorgeous) alternative. The Carnelian healing properties are certainly also inspiring. Learn interesting facts whilst browsing beautiful and unique jewelry pieces, handcrafted with this bright and colourful semi precious stone. Click here and learn more!
Jewelry blog - handmade pearl jewellery uk

Our favourite gemstones list: let's talk about Pearls

Read about this elegant and beautiful gemstone which is also the birthstone for June. Learn Pearls healing properties and other interesting facts about this timeless and shimmery natural stone.
Meet the jewellery maker: why we love all types of gemstones and sell semi precious stones jewellery online shopping

Meet the Jewellery Makers: Why we like working with semi precious stones

Welcome to the world of Mosaico Jewellery! We thought that on our first blog post, we would give you more information about us, our background, why we love all types of gemstones, and how we use them to make our exclusive handmade jewellery. Learn about our passion for semi precious stones, and why we started this beautiful gemstone jewellery brand.